Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights [infographic]

When you think of Facebook you might think of cat pictures your friends share. Or yesterdays dinner your auntie posted. And, Facebook is all that. It's a fantastic social network which connects you with your friends, family and other interests.

However, Facebook is so much more than cat pictures and what people had for dinner. Oh my! Facebook is probably the single most valuable marketing tool for small businesses.

Small Business Facebook Pages

It's fair to say, most businesses who are serious about attracting customers online will have a business Facebook page. Yet, most small businesses are probably not getting the most out of the amazing analytical tools Facebook pages provide.

If you think you could fit into the category of businesses who are not getting most out of Facebook insights you are definitely not alone. Fear not. We've done some digging on the subject and we've found an awesome small business guide to Facebook insights which you'll find useful.

The guys over at Business Backer created this infographic which guides you through Facebook insights. The infographic is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Overview
  3. Reach
  4. Page Views
  5. Actions on Page
  6. Posts
  7. People
  8. Messages

Check out the infographic for full details of each section.

Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights [infographic]

Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights Infographic



In this article we discussed how Facebook is an awesome marketing platform. And, we shared a small business guide to Facebook insights in the form of an infographic.

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Remember, Facebook is a great marketing tool for driving more traffic to your website. And, your website should be ready to convert all this traffic into leads.

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